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With understanding and support ActivNess aims to help people improve their health, fitness, and wellbeing through natural movement, exercise and the participation of recreational activities.

ActivNess was founded by Malcolm MacSween. Throughout his life, Malcolm has always had an interest in health, fitness, and nutrition, and like many people, he has also encountered periods of anxiety and depression. These experiences have motivated him to develop an empathic service whose social mission is to assist people who experience chronic stress, anxiety disorders, or depression benefit from activity engagement.

“I have witnessed the many benefits a more active lifestyle can bring, but I am also aware of how difficult it can be to start this journey, and how seemingly impossible it is to stay motivated and consistent through periods of stress, anxiety, or depression.”

Inactivity has been proven to have a negative effect on our moods and general well-being. Statistics show that mental health issues have been rising due to our decreasing activity levels, the foods we eat, isolated living, and our separation from strong community bonds. A lot of people wish to change these things but struggle to do so especially when energy, motivation, and mood, is low, or when anxiousness is high.

We believe breaking down as many barriers as possible and providing the support needed will give people the best chance of becoming more active, thus helping improve their situation. Increased activity levels have been shown in studies to be as effective as the established interventions when treating anxiety and depression.

By offering 'Stepping Stone' Coaching Services to anyone who feels they would like a little extra support or reassurance in their journey to better health and fitness, we hope to encourage and assist as many people as possible to restore balance, and discover passion, in an active life.

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